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Zhe "Jay" Shan, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor
Department of Information Systems and Analytics (ISA)
Farmer School of Business
Miami University
800 E. High St. Oxford, OH 45056

Office: (513) 529-2135
Fax: (513) 556-5499
Email: jayshan at miamioh dot edu
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(last updated on 3/20/2021)


  • Ph.D. in Business Administration and Operations Research (Major in Information Systems, Minor in Statistics), Penn State University, 2011
  • M.Phil. in Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong , 2003
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science, Nanjing University (China), 2000


  • ISA 632 Big Data Analytics and Modern AI (Spring, 2021)
  • ISA414/514 Managing Big Data (Spring 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020)
  • ISA245 Database Systems and Data Warehousing (Fall 2018, Fall 2019)
  • @ University of Cincinnati (2013-2018)
    • IS7034 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
    • IS7036 Data Mining for Business Intelligence
    • IS8080 Independent Study on 1) Text Analytics, 2) Big Data Analytics, 3) Social Media Analytics
  • @ Manhattan College (2011-2013): CIS 110 Introduction to Infortion System, CIS 227 Business Statistics, BUAN 327 Advanced Business Statistics
  • @ Penn State (2006-2011): MIS 434 Internet Technology & E-commerce

Research Interests:

  • Patient-centered Healthcare
  • FinTech Innovation
  • Information Security Management
  • Business Process Analytics

Selected Papers:

  1. Feng Mai, Dawei Zhang, Zhe Shan, Dong-Gil Ko: Is COVID-19 Widening the Racial Digital Divide in Healthcare? Evidence from Patient Portal Usage (research-in-progress), presented at 2020 Health Information Technology Symposium (HITS 2020), Dec 2020. (Feature Presentation - Best Paper)
  2. Rong Liu, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, Ying Wu (in alphabetical order): Predicting Shareholder Litigation on Insider Trading from Financial Text: An Interpretable Deep Learning Approach. Information & Management, 57(8), Dec 2020.
  3. Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, Dawei Zhang (in alphabetical order): The Monitoring Role of Online Physician Reviews on Prescription Behavior (extended abstract), presented at the 11th Conference on Health IT and Analytics (CHITA 2020), Oct 2020.
  4. Rong Liu, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, Ying Wu (in alphabetical order): Predicting Insider Trading from Financial Text: an Interpretable Deep Learning Approach. presented at 2020 Financial Management Association Annual Meeting (FMA 2020), Oct 2020. (Semifinalist for the FinTech Best Paper Award)
  5. Georgiana Craciun, Wenqi Zhou, Zhe Shan: Discrete Emotions Effects on Electronic Word-of-Mouth Helpfulness: The Moderating Role of Reviewer Gender and Contextual Emotional Tone. Decision Support Systems, 130, Mar 2020.
  6. Akhil Kumar, Rong Liu, Zhe Shan: Is Blockchain a silver bullet for supply chain management? Technical challenges and research opportunities, Decision Sciences, 51(1), 8-37, Feb 2020.
  7. Andrew Harrison, Binny Samuel, Zhe Shan, Tianhai Zu, Michael Cook, Diksha Dawani: Learning to See the Hook: Comparing Phishing Training Approaches. presented at ICIS 2019, Dec 2019.
  8. Dong-Gil Ko, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, David Zhang (in alphabetical order): Operational efficiency and patient-centered health care: A view from online physician reviews. Journal of Operations Management (UTD, FT50, ABS4*), 65(4), 353-379, Jun 2019.
  9. Jingguo Wang, Zhe Shan, Manish Gupta, H. Raghav Rao: A longitudinal study of unauthorized access attempts on information systems: The role of opportunity contexts. MIS Quarterly (UTD, FT50, ABS4*), 43(2), 601-622, Jun 2019. (Blog on LSE Business Review)
  10. Danny T.Y. Wu, Smruti Deoghare1, Zhe Shan, and Katherine Blondon: The potential role of dashboard use and navigation in reducing medical errors of an electronic health record system: a mixed-method simulation handoff study. Health Systems, 8(3), 203-214, Sep 2019.
  11. Wenqi Zhou, Zhe Shan, Georgiana Craciun: No one trusts emotional women? Measuring the impact of discrete emotions on review helpfulness. presented at 17th Pre-ICIS Workshop on e-Business (WeB 2018), Dec 2018. (Best Paper Award)
  12. Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, Qing Bai, Xin Wang, Roger Chiang: How does social media impact Bitcoin value? A test of the silent majority hypothesis. Journal of Management Information Systems (FT50, ABS4), 35(1), 19-52, Mar 2018. (Blog on LSE Business Review)